Внимание, розыск!

По подозрению в совершении мошенничества в особо крупном размере в составе организованной преступной группы МВД Российский Федерации разыскивает уроженца города Алма-Аты (Казахская ССР) Чернобая Владимира Александровича, дата рождения 12.11.1973. По данным единого государственного реестра юридических лиц,  разыскиваемый преступник владеет 99,24% долей в OOO «Телетрейд групп» – российской дочки известного офшорного форекс-лохотрона   TeleTrade DJ.

Просим лиц, располагающих информацией о текущем местонахождении  скрывшегося от следствия преступника, оказать содействие правоохранительным органам и связаться с ближайшим отделом полиции.


Today it became known that the owner of the group of companies TeleTrade is wanted. According to RBC, a native of Kazakhstan, Vladimir Chernobay, born on 11 December 1973, is wanted on suspicion of committing large-scale fraud. Chernobay is one of the creators and co-owners of a number of companies, including the notorious TeleTrade DJ.
If you know anything about a fugitive from justice criminal, please report this to the nearest police station.
Remember that hundreds of CIS citizens have claims to TeleTrade, many of them have lost not only the last funds, but also the only housing in this financial scam. Beginning in 2016, dozens of criminal cases were opened on the facts of fraud of persons directly connected with TeleTrade in various regions of the country. In October, it became known about the investigative actions conducted by employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow. In particular, the searches took place in offices on the 40th floor of the Federation Tower in Moscow-City, Khokhlovsky and Bolshoi Spasoglinischevsky Lane. There placed one of Russia's largest forex dealers Teletrade Group LLC, a subsidiary of the international group of companies TeleTrade. The organizers of the financial fraud the owner of TeleTrade, Vladimir Chernobay and his nephew Oleg Suvorov, who oversaw the company's financial department, were charged in absentia.
Today we can say with confidence that the multi-year financial scam called TeleTrade is close to the end. Clients of fraudulent companies can be given only one advice: urgently withdraw money. Keeping cash in the scam, the owner of which is officially accused of fraud and is wanted, at least, just silly. At any time TeleTrade activities can be terminated once and for all.

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